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Trade-In a Samsung Galaxy in Brisbane

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

Receive Instant Cash when You Trade-in a Samsung Galaxy in Brisbane

With the constant development of technology, you can trade-in a Samsung Galaxy in Brisbane to fund the latest version. As consumers, we love the additional features and benefits every smartphone offers, but affording those models is becoming unattainable to many. A creative method to fund an upgrade is to trade a Samsung Galaxy mobile.

What You Should Know to Trade a Samsung Phone in Brisbane

Smartphone manufacturers release new models twice a year. They usually reserve one of those for flagship devices and the other for mid-range options. The companies announce when they’ll be making their big announcement which is crucial for a smartphone user who is eager to trade in their device. It’s essential to consider these factors when taking your mobile phone to a retailer.

  • The first action you should take is to clean the inside of the phone. Wipe out the memory, files, contacts and login details to avoid a stranger accessing your accounts. Always backup that information on an SD card which will be ready for your new smartphone. Reformat the memory and reset the phone to default. This clean-up protects your information from being visible by a third-party.

  • Stay informed regarding the release dates of the smartphone you desire. The value of your current device will drastically reduce after the launch of the new version. To capitalise on a higher value, trading or selling your device before the latest model’s release will earn you extra dollars. In fact, it’s said that smartphones lose 35% of their value once the manufacturer launches its successor.

  • Ensure that you clean the exterior of the phone thoroughly. Most users prefer protecting their device with a cover. While it’s great when it belongs to you, there’s a lot of dust particles and other bits that lodge itself between the gaps and stays there. Use screen wipes to clean the entire phone and remove any surface dirt. Doing this will increase your chances of a higher valuation.

Related Services We Provide to Trade a Samsung in Brisbane

Apart from offering instant cash for your old mobile phones, there are other services we offer that assist you with your devices.

  • Our staff is well-trained in repairing damaged devices. Due to the availability of a wide range of parts, we conduct most of our repairs within an hour. Our technicians can solve any smartphone issue; we simply require you to pitch up with your device to diagnose and repair. Furthermore, our parts are under a three-month warranty for your peace of mind.

  • We sell new and pre-owned phones. The pre-owned devices are all checked by our qualified technicians who then clean and wipe down the phone. We then sell it with a tax invoice and a warranty with our prices rivalling any online retailer. We list all our products in our online store where new stock is uploaded every morning.

  • If you’re looking to accessorise your new or used smartphone, we have a wide range available. Aside from cases and tempered glass screen protectors, we stock an array of components for various devices.

About JoyOne Mobile

We’ve been in existence for three years but have a collective experience of five years with mobile devices. We pay cash for your old mobile phones so you can free up space in your home and your pocket for a later model. Our team are available to provide you with the advice you seek regarding your electronic devices.

Contact us if you’re looking to buy or sell, repair or accessorise your mobile device.

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